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New York Cannabis Security Plan – Dispensary Security Plan

New York Cannabis Security Plan – Dispensary Security Plan


This Safety and Security Plan covers parts 123 through 127 of the adult-use cannabis regulations, where the topics are relevant to safety and security. You can purchase only the security section, or both safety and security. You will immediately receive an editable Word document by email that only needs a few minutes of editing to be ready to submit. Corrections are fast and free if your OCM investigator asks for more information. 

Specify your license type in the order notes, and we will send you the appropriate version. 

Contact us now for a screenshare preview and explanation of the contents. 


Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Security Plan 2

Preventing Unauthorized Access 2

Preventing Theft and Loss 4

Preventing Loitering 6

Securing Doors and Windows 7

Secure Cash Handling and Transport 8

Cash Handling SOP 9

Securing Entrances and Required Identification 10

Age Verification SOP 12

Security Lighting 15

Landscape Security 15

Safe Storage for Cannabis and Cannabis Products 16

Key/Code Control 16

Password/Combination Control 17

Secure Cannabis Waste Storage 18

Plain Sight Restriction/Visibility 18

Storage and Video Surveillance Equipment Access 19

Security System 19

Security Equipment Maintenance SOP – Daily 21

Security Equipment Maintenance SOP – Weekly 22

Security Equipment Maintenance SOP – Monthly 22

Incident Reporting 23


Safety Plan 25

Risk Assessment/Mitigation 25

Accident Prevention 27

Other Worker Health and Safety Policies 29

Consumer Safety Precautions 30

Emergency Response Procedures 31

Armed Robbery SOP 32

Burglary SOP 33

Evacuation SOP 34

Medical Emergency SOP 34

Infectious Disease SOP 36

Fire Emergency SOP 37

Earthquake SOP 37

Inclement Weather SOP 38

Flooding SOP 39

Power Outages SOP 39

Active Shooter SOP 40

Security Educational Protocols 41

Security Equipment Maintenance Log 45

Completing the Security Equipment Maintenance Log SOP 45


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